Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Not all cases are right for litigation in a public courtroom.  Considerations of delay, publicity, and cost may make a form of alternative dispute resolution a better alternative.  Stephens Friedland LLP’s lawyers are skilled at achieving results in such alternative forms of litigation as arbitration, mediation, administrative proceedings and private jury trials. Our lawyers have shepherded hundreds and hundreds of cases through various ADR processes to successful conclusion.

Select Experience:

  • Secured a Board of Equalization opinion validating sales tax reimbursement collection practices on millions of dollars of rebates offered by major computer manufacturer.
  • Our client purchased a business and later learned that its chief product was defective.  After three-week arbitration, our client obtained a seven-digit settlement.
  • Our client entered into a contract which contained an arbitration clause.  The other party was an insolvent entity.  With the arbitration pending, we filed a declaratory-relief action in civil court to hold the parent corporation liable for any award against the subsidiary.  Rather than litigating the issue of alter ego, the parent corporation voluntarily subjected itself to arbitration.
  • Mediated trade secret use to successful conclusion for defendant with plaintiff accepting five percent of initial demand. 
  • Mediated class action unfair competition and wage-and-hour claims with class accepting a small fraction of the amount in controversy.