Appellate Services

The lawyers at Stephens Friedland LLP have experience handling appeals and writs across the broad spectrum of litigation matters handled by the firm in state and federal courts.  We assist our clients in evaluating the merits of a potential appeal, and guide the matter through completion.   

Select Experience:

  • On a writ of mandate secured Appellate opinion defining unacceptable relationships between class representatives and counsel that fundamentally altered California class action practice.
  • Represented motorcycle manufacturer in dispute with its franchisee arising from termination of franchise.  Upon a petition for extraordinary relief to the Court of Appeal, arguing the Superior Court had utilized the wrong standard of review in considering franchisee’s petition for an administrative writ, the Court of Appeal granted the petition, finding that the Superior Court erroneously applied an “independent judgment” standard rather than a “substantial evidence” test.   
  • Obtained reversal by Court of Appeal of a trial court order denying $450,000 in attorneys’ fees, and entered an order awarding the client its attorney’s fees in the underlying proceedings as well as on appeal.
  • A Federal District Court issued a preliminary injunction against our client.  We appealed to the Ninth Circuit.  The Ninth Circuit reversed the portion of the preliminary injunction that we appealed.
  • Represented client on appeal from trial court's favorable issuance of a preliminary injunction in a real estate and competition lawsuit.