E-Discovery and Data Management

Electronic records are now a pressure point in litigation and in government investigations—regardless of how large or small the matter may be.  Because of the volume of business conducted electronically, just the costs and burdens associated with e-discovery alone can alter a trial or settlement outcome.  The e-discovery rules can be a sword as well as a shield.

The lawyers at Stephens Friedland LLP have substantial experience managing e-discovery issues across a broad range of document-intensive matters, including securities fraud class actions, M&A disputes, antitrust matters, and IP litigation.  They have also counseled clients outside the litigation context on best-practices regarding record retention and preservation as well as system infrastructure.  And in each case, we look to minimize the cost and burden on the client while simultaneously making sure that the client performs its e-discovery obligations under the new federal and state discovery laws.

From the outset of a new matter, we handle e-discovery obligations with state-of-the art technology.  And we employ litigation-tested practices to efficiently preserve, collect, review, and then produce electronic records in a fraction of the time and at a substantially lower cost than traditional review methods.  While many law firms view e-discovery as a source of additional billable hours for their less-than-fully-engaged associates, Stephens Friedland LLP sensibly manages e-discovery issues to avoid runaway costs.