Intellectual Property Litigation                 

Owners of intellectual property must protect their interests.  Sometimes, in today’s ultra-competitive environment, it is often necessary to litigate over IP rights to accomplish business objectives.  Whether called upon to protect our client’s rights, or defend against accusations of misappropriation, infringement or unauthorized access, Stephens Friedland LLP’s  lawyers provide a fluid yet sophisticated approach to litigation.  We have handled large and small cases in such fields as copyright infringement, DMCA claims, software licensing, patent licensing covering a variety of disciplines, unfair competition, non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements, false advertising, UDRP arbitration and resolution, misappropriation of trade secrets and trademark infringement and dilution.   All the while, we keep the client’s IP assets and business objectives at the forefront of our strategies. 

Select Experience:

  • Successfully handled UDRP actions before international bodies (including WIPO) resulting in the transfer of the trademark-infringing domain name to our client’s control.
  • Successfully handled trademark matter involving infringing domain name and resulting in complete removal of the infringing website.
  • Advised international companies on trademark and copyright infringement issues.
  • Following a two-week Federal court trial, we proved that the defendants had  infringed.  The case settled shortly before substantial attorneys’ fees were awarded.
  • Defendants infringed our client’s registered trademark.  After extensive discovery and motion practice, our client obtained a seven-digit settlement. 
  • Successfully prosecuted claim on behalf of major commercial/government contractor against sellers of security software/hardware business and achieved $2.5 million settlement after month-long arbitration.
  • Negotiated settlement in favor of software company against major grocery chain in dispute over the performance of software products.
  • Advised national retailers, manufacturers and service companies with regard to software license disputes and disputes regarding software performance. 
  • Successfully prosecuted claims by client against entity engaged in a similar business utilizing terms substantially similar to client's trademark.
  • Defended client against claims of copyright infringement for use of images on website.
  • Prosecuted and defended claims related to Digital Millennium Copyright Act, copyright and software license related to billing software.