With all of its benefits, the Internet also creates new commercial threats to businesses.  These include:  defamatory websites, trademark infringement, cyber-squatting, and false advertising (such as “astroturfing” through social media), and unfair competition.  Our lawyers are equipped to protect against these commercial threats as well as others that develop with new technology.

Select Experience:

  • Negotiated a $5 million stipulated judgment in favor of a pharmaceutical company in a matter arising from distribution of products via web-based channels. 
  • Successfully handled matter involving trademark infringing domain resulting in complete removal of the infringing website.
  • Our client was the target of a cyber-terrorist who repeatedly posted false statements about the client on various web sites.  We developed a procedure to work with the internet service providers to disable the offending web sites.
  • Obtained injunction against competitor using a web address and terms substantially similar to client's trademarked terms.
  • Defended client against claim of infringement for use of images on commercial website.