Partnership/Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements over corporate governance, growth and contraction strategies, buy-sell agreements and a host of other issues can arise among corporate business partners and shareholders.  We have facilitated the amicable break up of numerous partnerships and corporations, and have helped our clients avoid expensive and distracting litigation.  We have also successfully advised minority and majority shareholders regarding their rights and pursued related litigation, through trial when necessary. 

Select Experience:

  • Our client, who was one of three shareholders, was squeezed out by the other two shareholders.  We negotiated a substantial buy-out of our client’s interest in the corporation without any need for a costly lawsuit or valuation.  The client was also allowed to enter into a competing business.
  • Our client was a non-managing partner in a partnership in which the managing partner made excessive distributions to himself for many years.  We obtained a six-figure judgment in our client’s favor after trial.
  • Our client, a start-up corporation, had a dispute with one of its officers over several issues.  We filed suit immediately and, shortly thereafter, we were able to negotiate a favorable resolution of the dispute.