Trade Secrets

The public policy in California is to promote fair competition.  Using someone else’s confidential and proprietary information to compete, however, is neither fair nor legal.  Stephens Friedland LLP’s lawyers have substantial experience prosecuting and defending trade-secret claims.  Our lawyers are adept at pursuing immediate remedies, such as a preliminary injunction, where necessary to protect our clients’ trade secrets.  We have also been very successful in negotiating early settlements by leveraging favorable evidence.

Select Experience:

  • A former partner sued our client for allegedly using trade secrets that belonged to the partnership in a competing venture.  We persuade the court that the alleged trade secrets were not trade secrets at all.  Summary judgment was granted in our clients’ favor.
  • Prosecuted claims for misappropriation of trade secrets and unfair competition by a national provider of laboratory services against one of its competitors.
  • Defense of claims for misappropriation of trade secrets brought by a large parent corporation against independent distributors. 
  • Defeated temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction sought against financial executive placement corporation in which unfair competition and trade secret misappropriation was alleged. 
  • Defeated temporary restraining order application based upon trade secrets causing the plaintiff to withdraw its motion for a preliminary injunction.